Brand Vigour: Chinese Artist Sculpts Bridge Between East and West

Li Lihong Vigour China mcdonalds This week in Shanghai our Founder and CEO Andrew Eyles had the honour of meeting artist Li Lihong at his solo exhibition ‘Vigour-China’ at the Art Labor Gallery.

Li Lihong Vigour China apple

Lihong’s work connects the global, contemporary experience with practised, cultural tradition and re-examines the bridge between the East and West. By fusing the symbols of Nike, McDonald’s, Apple and Disney with traditional Chinese patterns, he creates a new and reflective visual experience. This mash-up goes beyond being clever and transcends into an elegant beauty all into itself, encapsulating Lihong’s philosophy that “Modernism and Post-Modernism is not the enemy of tradition, but rather is a renewed expression of tradition.”

Li Lihong Vigour China mickey

The detailed craftsmanship and exquisite use of ceramic and porcelain in combination with these modern, global brands succeeds in revealing a perspective that is both critical and accepting of the dual and complex world that we live in. Lihong acknowledges the presence of these iconic brands and their influence in his life while still expressing what he calls “the vigorous nature of contemporary China.”

Li Lihong Vigour China

The Vigour-China exhibit will be displayed at the Art Labor Gallery in Shanghai until 31st May 2015.

Li Lihong Vigour China absolut

Li Lihong Vigour China Nike

Li Lihong Vigour China mtv

Li Lihong Vigour China coca cola

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