Packaging You Can Dance To: SKYY® Electrifyy

Getting the edge in the spirits category is no easy feat. The category is crowded with robust marketeers committed to discovering compelling ways to peak consumers' interest and capture their curiosity. While consumers find trust and personal identification in the core product of an alcohol range, they are always on the lookout for new ways to celebrate and make the moment special. This provides great opportunity for alcohol brands to continuously push the boundaries, be highly imaginative, and explore innovation. BqI57WPCYAA6DQ1

Case and point is SKYY Vodka's latest limited edition which features LED lights that move to the beat of the music. Designed specifically for the bottle service occasion, the special bottle engages, entertains and enhances the SKYY experience.

HOW IT WORKS: Integrated into the new soft-touch label are dozens of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). A special color-coordinated base housed the batteries, sound sensors and power switch. When turned on, the LEDs create a constant illumination of the SKYY logo. Additional LED's arranged in the shape of equalizer bars, are sound-sensitive and actually move to the beat of music.


INSPIRATION FOR ALL CATEGORIES: Why relegate innovation like this just to alcohol? As competition in all categories continues to get more and more robust, it may literally take putting a spotlight on your brand to make it stand out on shelf. But it isn't simply about making something light up. It isn't only about being unique and different. Rather, it is about finding a meaningful way to enhance the experience for consumers, a way that is genuine and truly tied to the truth of your brand.

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