Ice Cream Orchestra

Häagen-Dazs is telling its customers, "You have been eating your ice cream wrong." The attention-grabbing accusation is an introduction to the Concerto Timer, the ice cream brand's latest packaging innovation.


According to Häagen-Dazs, ice cream needs to sit for a couple of minutes once it's out of the freezer to reach its optimum taste and softness. The Concerto Timer has been created to ensure that the Häagen-Dazs brand experience continues during that brief countdown. Consumers are invited to point their phones at a carton of Häagen-Dazs whereupon an augmented reality application kicks in to reveal a tiny violinist or miniature cellist playing classical music. Put two different flavoured cartons together and "enhance the performance" as they duet. Quite amazing, really. [youtube] Sophisticated, luscious, premium and tasteful, the Concerto Timer is a braver idea that's right on the Häagen-Dazs brand. It creates a brand ritual, something that can be extremely powerful. Brand Strategist Yaacov Weiss sums up brand ritual's importance pretty well so we'll leave it to him: “Rituals create a unique brand experience which provides us with a reason, consciously or unconsciously, to want to revisit the brand experience. It imparts something personal, giving us a closer connection to the brand. The ritual also involves the customer with the brand. Acting in a unique way for a brand helps create affinity towards it. It creates a habit, which encourages loyalty. Brand rituals are also “sticky”, they help the customer remember the brand and the brand becomes iconic”  – Weiss, Y. (2010)

Whether Häagen-Dazs Concerto Timer will become the next Oreo Twist, Lick, Dunk time will tell, but we certainly admire the execution.

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